Diploma – Computer services for organizations

 Diploma – Computer services for organizations 

You can start a two-year training course in Computer Services for Organizations diploma after an STMG baccalaureate or a SEN pro baccalaureate. 

This course offers two options:   

  • SNIS (Systems and Network Infrastructure Solutions) 
  • SSBA (Software Solutions and Business Applications) 

It is a diploma of the baccalaureate + 2 which is prepared in initial training but also in alternance.   

The holder of the SSBA option diploma is more of a professional in the environment of computer languages and tools. He develops, adjusts and maintains programs and application solutions. 

Admission Requirements: 

This program is open to applications from students who hold diplomas from the first cycle of studies.  The admission of students is subject to the examination of the candidate’s file by the selection jury of the training.  Any student wishing to apply for this program must send his or her application file to the following e-mail address: admission@espic.com 

The objectives: 

Upon obtaining the BTS:  

  • Application analyst  
  • Research analyst  
  • Programmer analyst  
  • Computer studies officer  
  • Computer application developer  
  • Study computer scientist  
  • Programmer analyst  
  • Application programmer  
  • Application Services Manager  
  • Computer Studies Technician  

With experience:  

The holder of the diploma may be given responsibility for projects or management functions of a team. 

Jobs & Careers: 

  • IT Designer and Developer (baccalaureate +3 – Level 6) – 1-year curriculum  
  • IT Project Manager (baccalaureate +5 – Level 7) – 2-year curriculum