Operational Business Management Diploma

Operational Business Management Diploma

The holder of the Operational Business Management diploma is expected to take operational responsibility for all or part of a commercial unit. A business unit is a physical and/or virtual place where a potential customer can access a range of products or services. 

The holder of the diploma takes charge of the overall customer relationship as well as the animation and dynamization of the offer. He/she is also responsible for the operational management of the sales unit and the management of his/her sales team. This functional versatility is part of the context of digitalized commercial activities aimed at implementing the commercial policy of the network and/or the business unit. 

Admission Requirements: 

This program is open to applications from students who hold diplomas from the first cycle of studies.  The admission of students is subject to the examination of the candidate’s file by the selection jury of the training.  Any student wishing to apply for this program must send his or her application file to the following e-mail address: admission@espic.com 


Training modules 
E1 – General Culture and Expression  
E2 – Communication in a foreign language: English
E3 – Economic, legal and managerial culture
E41 – Customer relations and sales negotiation
E42 – Animation, stimulation of the commercial offer
E5 – Operational management 
E6 – Sales Team Management

Exam requirements: 

  • Internship: mandatory 
  • Internship period: according to the alternation rhythm defined in the academic year calendar 
  • Examinations: written and oral tests (Maison des examens) 
  • Duration of internship: 14 to 16 weeks; 4 weeks in 1st year and 10 weeks in 2nd year. 

Jobs & Careers: 

  • Sales and Service Consultant 
  • Sales consultant, E-commerce sales consultant    
  • Customer service manager, Customer service manager    
  • Merchandiser    
  • Assistant manager    
  • Manager of a local commercial unit