Commercial management officer

Commercial management officer 

The sales manager analyzes the markets and carries out monitoring (commercial, technological, and legal) to implement the company’s sales policy.   

By organizing commercial actions consistent with the defined strategy, it ensures the visibility of the brand, products, and services.   

He/she is also responsible for managing customer relations (advice, winning new customers, building loyalty). As such, he/she actively participates in business development (new sector, new customer target, new product or service, etc.) and leads a team with the aim of facilitating the process and developing the customer portfolio.   

The professional certification of the commercial management training is registered in the RNCP by: FORMATIVES and recognized by the state at level 6. Fiche RNCP n° 34465, registered on 02-03-2020, code NFS 312. The diploma is accessible by VAE.  

Admission Requirements: 

This program is open to applications from students who hold diplomas from the first cycle of studies.  The admission of students is subject to the examination of the candidate’s file by the selection jury of the training.  Any student wishing to apply for this program must send his or her application file to the following e-mail address: 


Training modules 
UC D31 – Professional Expertise 
Strategic Marketing 
Operational Marketing 
B to B Marketing 
Marketing and digital law 
UX strategy 
Data and marketing 
Digital communication 
“Digital Brand Content” 
UC B31 – European Modern Language 1 Independent User – Level B1 of the CEFR 
UC A2 – The European project: culture and democracy for a citizenship in action 
UC A3 – Intercultural management and human resources in Europe 
UC D32 – Professional Examination

Exam requirements: 

  • Internship: mandatory 
  • Internship period: according to the alternation rhythm defined in the academic year calendar 
  • Examinations: written and oral tests (Maison des examens) 
  • Duration of internship: 16 weeks 

Jobs & Careers: 

  • Director of digital projects    
  • Strategic marketing expert    
  • Digital marketing manager    
  • Customer and relationship marketing manager    
  • Head of the Web Division    
  • Digital project manager     
  • Social media consultant      
  • e-marketing and e-business consultant