Building BIM Coordinator

Building BIM Coordinator  

In a logic of continuous improvement, the BIM coordinator ensures the proper application of charters, methods, and protocols on projects to be carried out according to a BIM approach. He ensures the continuous enrichment of the digital model.  

As the guarantor of its quality, it contributes to the optimal execution of the work and to the achievement of the company’s objectives.  

The missions of the BIM coordinator are at the interface of the BIM Manager and the BIM modeler. He takes into consideration the expectations of the BIM Manager and puts them into practice. He/she keeps himself/herself permanently informed of software and hardware evolutions, in a digital environment in permanent evolution. Experienced in modeling techniques, he assists and informs the BIM modelers in their production actions. He/she accompanies them in the use of dedicated tools and in the development of their technical skills.  

The BIM coordinator is entrusted with BIM project management and team coordination tasks. However, he can keep all or part of the role of BIM modeler depending on the size and organization of the structure in which he works. 

The professional certification of the training BTS BIM Coordinator of the building is registered in the RNCP by: MINISTRY OF WORK OF EMPLOYMENT AND INSERTION and recognized by the state at level 6. Record RNCP No. 34280 registered on 30-09-2019, code NFS 230.  

Admission Requirements: 

This program is open to applications from students who hold diplomas from the first cycle of studies.  The admission of students is subject to the examination of the candidate’s file by the selection jury of the training.  Any student wishing to apply for this program must send his or her application file to the following e-mail address: 


Training modules 
A- Foreign Language   
-Expression and communication in English – (professional vocabulary, oral communication, report writing) 
B- Develop company-specific BIM practices:   
-Analysis of the company’s BIM maturity level   
-Development of the company’s internal BIM processes   
-Assistance to BIM Modelers in their use of the company’s BIM standards 
C- Develop company-specific BIM practices:   
-Argumentation of the company’s action plan during a BIM project 
D- Coordinate the company’s action during a BIM project:   
-Exploiting the architectural model and the models of the technical lots -Extracting and using data from the various models   
-Control of the conformity of the models of the digital model to the BIM convention   
-Communication and collaboration around the shared model of the BIM project  
E- Coordinate the company’s action during a BIM project:   
-BIM Project Collaboration Analysis 
F – Professionalization workshops   
-Project preparation 

Exam requirements:  

The certification consists of several blocks of skills, each of which is the subject of a partial certification. Obtaining the RNCP professional certification requires the validation of all the blocks of skills and the complementary evaluation.

A project file including:

– The presentation material

– The thesis

– The models used during the construction or renovation project.

This file is the subject of a defense before a jury.   

Jobs & Careers:  

  • BIM Coordinator  
  • BIM Referent  
  • BIM Manager  
  • BIM Expert