BIM building modeler

BIM building modeler 

In the context of a level 1 BIM project where each actor works in 3D for his own needs, the professional models the digital model to develop the building project, present it to his client and make the building permit file. This is the case for small-scale construction or rehabilitation projects such as individual houses. In the context of a larger project, consisting of a project management team (architects, design offices, BIM Manager and BIM coordinator …), the professional will have to take note of the BIM convention to organize its digital model so that it is compatible and interoperable with all models of the project.  

The professional certification of the training BIM modeler of the building is registered with the RNCP by: MINISTRY OF WORK OF EMPLOYMENT AND INSERTION and recognized by the state at level 5. Record RNCP No. 34658 registered on 15-04-2020, code NFS 231 230.  

Admission Requirements: 

This program is open to applications from students who hold diplomas from the first cycle of studies.  The admission of students is subject to the examination of the candidate’s file by the selection jury of the training.  Any student wishing to apply for this program must send his or her application file to the following e-mail address: 


Training modules 
A- Foreign Language  
-Expression and communication in English – (professional vocabulary, oral communication, report writing)  
B- Model a Level 1 BIM project (Isolated Digital Mockup):   
-Graphic representation of the project using 3D software   
-Survey and description of an existing building   
-Establish the conformity of the project with standards and regulations   
-Measurement of the project   
-Constitution of the building permit file   
-Integration of the technical characteristics of the works in the digital model  
C- Model a level 2 BIM project (Collaborative Digital Mockup): -Planning of the site’s logistics activities based on forecasted volumes   
-Organization of the project according to the BIM convention   
-Realization of the detail books of a construction project   
-Synthesis of technical plans and architect in BIM
D – Professionalization workshops   
-Project preparation  

Exam requirements: 

The certification consists of several blocks of skills, each of which is the subject of a partial certification. Obtaining the RNCP professional certification requires the validation of all the blocks of competences and the complementary evaluation.

– A professional file in which the candidate has recorded the evidence of his professional practice, completed with annexes if provided for in the RC

– A final interview with the jury according to the circulars communicated each year

The tests are held in modules, in the form of an oral or written examination.    

Jobs & Careers: 

  • Study technician  
  • BIM Modeler  
  • BIM Cartoonist  
  • Draftsman